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Keyring Jeans are one of those groups; they wanna make flyers. do gigs and have fun in the process. It’s part of the culture they come from and whilst we keep hearing that the Sydney live scene is dead, these guys play every week with a host of likeminded souls. The music scene’s only as dead as you want it to be and Keyring Jeans are happily blowing on the sparks to create a bigger flame every time they play. Their first EP was ambitious; with strident, angular rhythms and jarring post-rock guitar chords and now they’ve stepped even further out there with a new EP getting ready to go. Recorded with Greg Wales, a man whose recording credits read like a list of your favourite bands (helming sessions by everyone A-Miniature and No Knife to Even and You Am I) it’s sonically and musically a step forward for this gifted trio.

“Start Stutter” jumps out of the blocks with a riff that wouldn’t be out of place on X-aspirations before the drums drop like a kilo of heavy explosives, it’s one of those tunes that manages to sound loose and tight at the same time. “Pinecore” is both tuneful and discordant, driven by the locked in rhythm section and featuring “standing on the cliff” vocals reminiscent of some pallid yet epic English band like Department S. “One in the Same” pulls back the tempo and lets the guitar sing, the sound is pure early 90s American alt-rock but the savvy songwriting and the unembellished majesty of Wales’ production pull it away from mimicry. “DYC” pushes the tempo, the kick drum leading the charge and, with the guitar, bass and vocals willing followers, drives towards the cliff and then stumbles at the edge; breaking down and building back up into a glorious headrush of guitar, bass and drums. Taking the loud/soft dynamic to new heights the EP’s closer “Nothings Ever” sounds (to these ageing ears) like an unholy alliance of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and Die Kreuzen; it’s an epic closer but, even at five minutes long, never outstays it’s welcome.


released January 31, 2017



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Keyring Jeans Sydney, Australia

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